Thursday, September 22, 2011


I had the pleasure of volunteering for Zoe's first field trip as a 3rd grader. The class was learning about nutrition, which coincidentally, so am I. I am taking a class for fun at AWC. The class walked to the local Fry's grocery store to meet the lady who has been teaching them nutrition in class every week. The walk across fourth avenue was not my idea of fun with 17 3rd graders, but we survived. The kids were super excited before we went in the store. They paused long enough for me to take a photo:)

Zoe is really into learning about food and nutrition and since she has been doing this unit in class, she refuses to bring any snack into school that isn't a fruit or vegetable. She listened intently to the presentation and raised her hand to answer every question that was asked, and was right every single time!
They learned that when you eat broccoli you eat the stem and the flower of the plant, we even learned something new...that if you leave broccoli to ripen a little more, it grows white flowers where the green part is..
Although we didn't learn much about beans, the kids in our group decided to play in the big bin of pinto beans...shhhhh.... don't tell, this my friends is why it's important to wash your produce before you eat it.
They sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to find different fruits and veggies and to look for the "Arizona Grown" sign, no one ever found it though... but we did find fruits and veggies grown from all over the world.
The other groups were way bigger than ours, I am not sure why we only had three kids, but we won the scavenger hunt :) There were no prizes unfortunately, lol..
Mrs. Corona showing the kids how to find where produce is grown.
I showed the kids a "horned melon" and they were impressed, the spikes on that thing were so sharp!
Adrian, some other kid, and They were so much fun!
The next part of the field trip was to find a good versus bad choice, we got Hi C fruit punch and 100% fruit Punch.
Then the kids had to compare the labels and find out which one was healthier and tell the class why it was the better choice.
They got canned in juice, and the other in heavy syrup.
Mrs Coronas group got frozen food
After we did our presentation, the kids got to have a little snack of broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and ranch dip.
This field trip made me feel fortunate to be able to stay home with my children so I don't miss out on moments like this:) I loved watching Zoe learn and have fun in a school environment.