Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Thumbs

Seeds of Change: Collards, Nevada Lettuce, Yellow Squash, Green Peas, Cilantro, Eggplant, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers and basil.

I admit, I know absolutely NOTHING about gardening. Do you think that stopped me from jumping in head first and calling it a unit study for the kids? NO WAY!! We are adapting this    Unit Study from The University of Illinois Extension. It includes lot's of fun activities and a teachers guide:) SO,  Matt built me a 8ft by 4ft raised garden bed last week, and I went out and bought all the fixins for an organic garden. The kids and I started in on our unit yesterday and today, we finally started planting the seeds.. (a little late I think). I figure I can add starter plants in with seedlings at a later date if they don't do so well.

The girls lasted a lot longer than Christien in this project, I imagine he will enjoy the compost bin slightly more than the girls, so it will all even out in the end. (see I think I messed up right there.. I want a 100% organic garden, if I add regular kitchen waste to my compost bin, I think that cancels out the organic aspect of it, because I only buy certain organic veggies and fruits). Oh well, like I said, I have NO idea what I am doing ;)

Whats in your garden??

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

        Valentines Day is a silly little made up holiday that we usually never really pay much mind to around here. I mean the kids, when they went to public school, did their little Valentines exchange and party, but at home, well, we didn't do much. This year, however was a little different.
The kids have not met anyone their age around here and we spend most of our days in the house or running errands. When we moved, it was so the kids could be closer to family, but so far, it has just been us. We spend every day together in the same old routine despite being so close to everyone. So, this Valentines day was a reason to get out and do something fun.
        We woke up to a flower delivery of some beautiful tulips and lillies from Daddy. Then I shared the vintage inspired gifts I chose for the kids, A little tin robot for Christien, A hand made, hand felted elephant from Nepal for Zoe, a hand crafted stuffed pig for Milla (Which she named Piggy Spoon You, from some Japanese Animation show she is currently addicted to), and a journal with matching pen for Jade, along with some unique treats from all over the globe. I intentionally avoided the mass commercialized chocolates in the heart box, silly overpriced stuffed animals and cheesy gifts that are only fun on Valentines Day. I got them quality things that they can enjoy daily. They loved them. One thing I can say about my children is that they can truly appreciate things because things are not handed to them right and left. (I could go on and on about this, but, I won't, lol!).
          Almost as soon as they finished ooohing and aaahhing over their gifts, 2 large boxes arrived on our doorstep. Inside were 4 boxes of delicious chocolate covered strawberries from Daddy. These berries were HUGE. Milla can barely fit one in her hand. It also came with one of those reusable shopping bags that fold up into the shape of a strawberry. That little bag came in handy later on that evening. I folded it up and popped it in my purse, not even thinking about it.
          The kids were super excited about the rest of the day....except Christien, lol!! We went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. Belle was Zoe's absolute favorite princess when she was 2 and went through the Disney Princess phase. (Much to my dismay, lol) I guess Belle would be my favorite Disney Princess too, because she was smart, loved books and was brave enough to step up and sacrifice herself for her family....all the other princesses seemed to be victims. Who would want their little girl idolizing those girls??
          Before the movie we stopped and had dinner, and walked around Mystic Falls, the kids were super impressed by the cheesy stuffed animals, lol. We ended up missing the show, but I promised to take them back another night. We then had a little time to stop in the arcade where Zoe won THREE stuffed animals in ONE grab on the claw machine on her first try. She was so excited. I have never seen a kid squeal like that, lol! (This is also where the strawberry bag came in handy, we were able to throw all the toys the kids won into the bag- we had over 400 tickets from about 20 minutes in the arcade).
          After the Arcade, we headed to the theater, where the kids HAD to ride up and down the escalators and watch the glass elevators for quite a bit...hey, they don't get out much apparently:) It was hilarious to see their faces pressed up against the elevators as people stopped on their floor, everyone was thrilled to see the little kids so excited and kept smiling and waving at them, and of course making sticky out tongue faces at them as well, lol!
          After the movie, (which despite his protests in the beginning, Christien loved) we went to Coldstone and had a night cap:) We had a fabulous day and all the children behaved so well. I love those guys so much, and I am glad they were my Valentines date this year....(my first Valentines date ever in my 33 years!).