Thursday, July 7, 2011

A little summer fun

It started off innocently enough, Crayola makes colored bubbles...I was at the store and Mimi wanted some, so I let her pick out four colors. She was so excited to get them home and share them with the rest of the we headed out to the backyard and opened them up....OH BOY! They were soooo bright. The kids squealed in delight! J got blue.....
The Boy got Green... you will see why later...but for now, he got the green just because. Already you can see a little of the fun yet to come...

Flower Child got Orange, the evidence is on the boys face....when these things pop, they let the world know!!!

But still, they make beautiful bubbles that are slightly easier to photograph than the regular kind.
I am loving the reflections these all make...Look, theres me:) and the HOT AZ sun!

Mimi picked out the red just for herself, they match her boots ya know?

 Yet I was still partial to the blue...hey look ma I'm on TV....well sorta, I'm in a bubble...the bubble girl perhaps??
The boy was still digging the green despite the other kids wanting to trade....

Yep, there it is....the fun, see it all spaltted on the ground, although J said it was a scene straight out of a Smurf Village murder scene... "RUUUUUN, theyre gonna SMURF you!!!!"
My kids are definately not afraid to get down and dirty......they are just at this point starting to discover they are covered in smurf, I mean bubbles.
Whoa, daddy....look at those bubbles...not for the feint of heart...or neat freaks, or germaphobes...or anyone not wanting to get messy....fair warning.
That's my boy, notice his Chic haircut, he did that himself....I could take him to get a haircut, but I would rather just take a zillion photos for blackmail at a later date....
Mimi just noticed I saw her smearing paint on her sister...she is giving me that know the one.....the one where she isn't quite sure if she is in trouble or her crazy mama is gonna laugh....
Her crazy mama threw her an air kiss, and then the Bean knew she was good, and flashed mama a peace sign..
Where there are Orange Bubbles.....there must be a........
Flower Child.....covered in bubbly goop.
Oh yeah, did I mention, meanwhile.....J was getting a makeover...I think Mimi did a great job, it matches her hair.
Oooh, look, me again!
And just because he is so adorable, and hard to capture on digital, Here's The Boy again!!

Who needs a bath when you can just dive into the pool for a refreshing swim????

Yep, SO much easier and more fun! Clothes and all....See, I'm a fun mom, the neighbors always yell at their kids for getting their clothes wet....

The patio took a hit.....a BIG hit, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder:)

Oh yeah, the reason the boy wanted green? He has visions of becoming the son of The Hulk....I think he is well on his way, but maybe he needs to brush the fungus off of his teeth first??

And we left the scene of the crime and left it exactly as we found it, it's prettier that way!!!


  1. That looks like fun and made for some amazing pictures! I bet if you got some canvas, you could have some pretty amazing artwork from your kiddos! The patio is museum worthy :) Awesome pics, I especially love the bubbles, they came out so cool looking! Love the photo story and your family, they're such beautiful, free little spirits!!
    (It's Jenny- it won't let me post a comment with my account!)

  2. Everybody looks like they had a lot of fun. Mimi is adorable, I love her smile :) Great idea with the colored bubbles.

    Visiting from All Week Bloghop :)