Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sometimes I can convince my teenager to be silly, oh who am I kidding, me and her act silly all the time. My Romeo says that us together is like watching Beavis and Butthead....does anyone remember that show? Anyone? Did I just give away my age? If you don't remember, it was waaaay back in the day when Mtv still had videos on 94% of the time, the shows generally came on late at night. There was Daria, Aeon Flux and of course Beavis and Butthead, ironically, King of the Hill was a spinoff of sorts of a character in Beavis and Buthead, lol.
Anywho, today, I wanted a silly picture, to enter in the Pioneer Woman photography assignment, you know, the one me and 25 zillion other people enter because Ree is funny, and charming and gives away shiny prizes to the winners of her assignments. SO, I handed J a pack of bubblicious and said, go for it....I really think the color brings out her eyes....don't you??

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