Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweet Caroline

The past few weeks have been crazy, I had planned to make my mom an amazing gift and get it in the mail BEFORE mothers day this year, but I couldn't get it finished in time. I really had a good excuse this year, among other things I am not going to mention, I think I had an ovarian cyst that must have either gotten large, or burst. I was in immense pain for 3 days before it slowly went away. Yeah, I know, TMI, that's what I am good for.

So this week I finished up my moms gift and I am so proud of it. The pattern I used was a Dolls and Daydreams pattern. It is actually the Superhero pattern with slight modifications
I made it using a vintage dress my grandmother made and wore in the 60's or 70's. The fabric was moth eaten in places so I was glad to salvage what I could and I was hoping that it would be a special gift for my mom. And I named her after my grandmother (well her middle name anyway, which she shares with my oldest). What do you think?

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