Monday, July 23, 2012

Milla's First day of Pre-K (At Home of course!)

Today we started an "official" PreK routine. Milla already works on letters, numbers and math on a daily basis, everything being built into her routine already, but this morning we started working more in depth and set aside a chunk of time in the morning to work together one on one. When I say one on one I really mean that I worked with Milla while Christien and Zoe interrupted us constantly. Christien just to interupt, but Zoe actually made a couple of ABC books for Milla to review, lol!

 I had planned an "official" back to school photoshoot, but as you can see, Milla decided a career option for her would be professional hairstylist. I think she succeeded in the "Scene" hair, all she needs is a little hair dye in black or pink and she is the epitome of style. Wouldn't you agree??

As part of our letter review we decided to make an ABC book. We found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest but I ended up using a ton of resources from Homeschool Creations, today in particular The Letter A. We used her printable Do A Dot letters, her apple core craft, and lots of other ideas. I recommend you check her out! All her printables are FREE!
Here are a few scenes into our morning.
 We started off the session writing the letter A on her white board. We didn't spend much time on the letter A today because she already has most of the beginning of the alphabet and letter sounds down. This was really a review and so we can make her Alphabet book. (A 3 ring binder with page protecters sectioned off for each letter of the alphabet. We put her crafts and work into it for her to review).

 Here she is working on her Letter A collage and her fine motor skills. Her little tongue kept flicking in and out of her mouth as she cut, it was very amusing to watch :)

 A is for acorn. I am actually surprised at the skill level of her cutting as we have not worked on this much in a formal setting. We have art supplies at hands reach for all the kids to use whenever they want. This makes us an extrememly popular house for the neighborhood kids because their parents dont let them paint, cut and create at home whenever they want (how sad!).

 There is her little tongue flicking out :) Told ya she was cute!

 The Do-A-Dot activity sheets from Homeschool Creations. She loved this activity, our Do-A Dots are very well loved around here!

 I told you Zoe made her some books. This one even had some activities in it for her to complete. Zoe is a great teacher! She made up a game called Learning frog when she was in Kindergarten and walked around with a frog floaty around her waist while she taught Milla to sing songs and do simple math and counting.

 Using the glue stick to create the Apple craft from Homeschool Creations. It's such a cute craft!

 And this, my friends is why we always buy non toxic supplies, on occassion my little humans like to "taste" the supplies. Mostly for the giggles and the shock factor, although I may be wrong. Black stamp ink MAY be delicious for all I know....

The last thing we did before starting story time was make these apple prints for our book. Milla wasn't as into this as I thought she would be, but eh.... She was more interested in story time with her favorite books....

Tomorrow we move onto reviewing the letter B and creating more pages for our ABC book. Honestly though, Milla prefers just using Hooked on Phonics and reading books all day:)

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